Travis Perkins: Customer Experience

Exploration of how digital can be used to improve the kitchen buying experience.


Reason were engaged by Travis Perkins (TP) to improve the overall customer experience for kitchen buyers. Our challenge was to understand where investment should be focused to have the most impact.

Complexity was increased due to the variety of potential touchpoints. These included homeowners, and TP staff such as salespeople and kitchen fitters.


Our approach was to gain a much greater understanding of this unfamiliar process by spending an unusually large amount of time immersing ourselves. We would use a variety of research methods for this.

We then planned to distill and present our findings, and develop potential solutions with our stakeholders – thus getting buy-in. We could then prototype and test the solution to understand how effective it would be.


Empathise and Define

We began with a round of stakeholder interviews with the central management team and customer-facing staff to understand the real challenge and problems they face. Simultaneously we conducted a round of interviews with homeowners to understand the pain points and frustrations of buying and fitting a kitchen. The findings of all our interviews were distilled into a series of personas.

My responsibilities:

Ideate, Prototype and Test

We used a workshop format to immerse ourselves and stakeholders in our research findings and ideate potential solutions. A variety of solutions were drawn up, with two being prioritised in the workshop to take further – a marketplace for kitchen fitters to find work, and a tool allowing homeowners to answer key questions early in the process.

My responsibilities:

Materialise and Deliver

Our designs were prototyped and tested with homeowners to gauge their impact on the kitchen buying process. The results of our tests allowed the concepts to be refined over a number of iterations. We were able to demonstrate support for the proposed digital solution, making it easier for stakeholders to gain support for the project.


Travis Perkins were impressed with the progress made over a short 9-week project, and used the research findings to support their decision to take the concept to the next stage. This was to elaborate the idea and understand its technical implications.

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