Transport for London: UX Standards

Defining a coherent set of mobile design standards for TfL’s new mobile program.


Transport for London asked The App Business to help them establish their new mobile delivery group, which planned to mobilise many of the processes undertaken by TfL staff.

Our challenge was to ensure TfL’s project teams developed apps that had a consistent look and feel, whilst meeting stringent rules in areas such as usability, accessibility and contextual awareness.


Our approach was to ‘learn by doing’, which meant developing app projects in TfL’s pipeline as if they were going into development.

We took each project from discovery through to design and testing, which ensured all our interface specifications were based on real findings, not hypothetical best practices.

Working this way also allowed us to demonstrate how a User-Centred Design process could function within TfL’s governance structures.


Empathise and Define

We began with a series of stakeholder interviews and workshops to ensure all requirements were captured and appropriately prioritised. Then to understand each product idea we met with users through a combination of user interviews and contextual analysis.

My responsibilities:

Ideate, Prototype and Test

Whilst prototyping and testing our solutions, we simultaneously met with teams within TfL — such as accessibility and branding — to ensure our designs met the organisation’s standards.

My responsibilities:

Materialise and Deliver

Our key output was a document repository that allowed all of TfL’s mobile delivery project teams to use as reference. By the end of the 3-month project, it included a set of 29 guides. These covered a range of topics, such as a ‘how to’ introduction to design research, an holistic set of design principles, guides to various design patterns and UI elements, as well as reference guides for hands-on project designers.


Before this phase of work was complete, The App Business won the second phase of the delivery project — to help TfL build its mobile applications.

Moreover, after over 2 years of development, the standards we produced have remained intact and in-use throughout TfL’s mobile delivery projects.

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