The Telegraph: Premium Paywall

Bringing The Telegraph’s premium paywall to its leading mobile iOS and Android apps.


The Telegraph had already worked with The App Business to update their main news app on iOS and Android. Following its launch success, The App Business were challenged with implementing The Telegraph’s new Premium paywall in a way that retained the product’s excellent user experience.


We began by working closely with The Telegraph’s design team to understand the business requirements and plans for it’s Premium subscription tier.

Once these were understood, we would work with our in-house Telegraph app development team to devise the most appropriate ways we could present Premium offerings, and in parallel test and validate our approach.


Empathise and Define

We began with a series of workshops to define and answer key questions surrounding the Premium subscription offering. A number of business decisions around pricing structures and third-party benefits had already been made, creating complexity and constraints for the Premium tier. We created a learning tracker to store all our answers and share them amongst the team. Throughout this process we also developed wireframes to illustrate our solution, aid discussion and iterate on our learnings.

My responsibilities:

Ideate, Prototype and Test

As we iterated towards a solution, we produced a higher-fidelity clickthrough prototype to demonstrate how the Premium paywall would function. We tested this prototype with a set of news consumers, to gauge their reactions to the paywall, and whether they understood what the premium tier included.

My responsibilities:

Materialise and Deliver

Following the testing rounds we made a number of tweaks to the Premium paywall behaviour, and began working with our app development team to implement the designs. The prototype and a number of user flows were used as documentation, allowing the developers to create robust acceptance criteria ahead of kick-off.


Following the release of the Premium paywall, The Telegraph news app retained its 4.5-star rating on the iOS App Store. As part of the wider Premium ecosystem (including desktop) the number of new subscription signups per day increased 300%.

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