Homebase: Mobile Checkout

Using a lean UX design process to optimise Homebase’s mobile checkout flow.


Homebase wanted to understand how they could improve their mobile web checkout flow within a short phase work. A second goal was to adopt a lean UX design process to Homebase’s internal development practises, which they viewed as too waterfall and unresponsive to user needs.


We began by identifying areas of improvement and agreeing on standout examples from the wider marketplace. Following lean UX principles, we could then create a backlog of changes that could be rapidly prototyped and tested.

We worked in a small, integrated team of Homebase and TAB staff to support Homebase’s goal of understanding and absorbing TAB’s agile development practices.


Empathise and Define

We began with an in-depth competitor audit of checkout flows. By picking apart their implementations in minute detail, we were able to collect a set specific improvements, and others that were detrimental. We also submitted the existing Homebase checkout flow to a round of usability testing, to understand its current pain points.

My responsibilities:

Ideate, Prototype and Test

From our assessment, we worked with our Homebase teammates to list and prioritise our hypotheses, produce wireframe prototypes and submit these prototypes to further rounds of usability testing to measure any improvement.

My responsibilities:

Materialise and Deliver

Using the 'lean UX design' model, we ensured our need for documentation was kept to a minimum. Our prototype became our primary deliverable. We also maintained a detailed ’tracker’ of our hypotheses, tests and results, which formed a series of recommendations for Homebase’s web development teams. We also produced detailed task flows for Homebase’s system architects to better understand the proposed checkout process.


We used a variety of methods to measure user’s approval or disapproval of the proposed improvements. This included SUS Surveying, noting the frequency of issues during usability tests, to asking for qualitative opinions from our testers. Our proposed checkout flow improved on all of these metrics.

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