Homebase: Ecommerce Optimisation

Utilising evidence-based design decisions to improve Homebase’s customer experience.


Homebase saw increased competition from a variety of digital home improvement specialists such as Wallpaper Direct and Little Greene.

Realising their existing website was not providing sufficient or comparable value to customers, Homebase asked The App Business to improve their offering and ‘take on the specialists’ in select product categories.


Our approach was to begin by identifying common problems home decorators faced, helping us to prioritise which should be tackled first.

After selling in the need for change to the wider business, we would then take this backlog of ideas and work on them as mini projects — sometimes lasting half a sprint, sometimes multiple weeks.


Empathise and Define

Our Discovery phase began with a set of interviews of recent home decorators, to build empathy with the decorating process. We collated our findings into a large experience map to visualise our learnings and sell the need to for change to wider stakeholders.

My responsibilities:

Ideate, Prototype and Test

After dissecting and prioritising the individual opportunities, we then began work on a variety of improvements. These included prototyping new page layouts for the mobile and desktop website, recommending improvements to social media assets such as YouTube channels, and re-categorising products and ranges.

My responsibilities:

Materialise and Deliver

Our work was delivered as a package of recommendations that fed into Homebase’s web design & development teams. These included wireframes for Decorating product category revisions, as well as recommendations on re-aligning product categorisation to user expectations.


Homebase actively took on our recommendations, many of which made their way onto the live site. Other ‘soft’ deliverables such as our agile way-of-working were eagerly adopted.

Based on our initial set of recommendations, Homebase also commissioned our team to complete a 4-week root-to-branch site audit to fully understand where their site could be improved.

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